Eisenberg Classique Soin Liftant Corps Firming Body Cream to Treat Stretch Marks

Eisenberg Classique Soin Liftant Corps Firming Body Cream to Treat Stretch Marks
Eisenberg Classique Soin Liftant Corps Firming Body Cream to Treat Stretch Marks
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Description Eisenberg Classique Soin Liftant Corps

In only 4 weeks your skin can be firmer and your stretch marks less visible. The Eisenberg Classique Soin Liftant Corps firming body cream is a result of the latest scientific research and can be used every day to give the skin of your entire body an intensive care while helping you get slimmer.

Thanks to vitamins C and E combined with the unique Trio-Molecular® formula, the product increases the vitality of skin cells, overall regenerates your skin, and leaves it firm and toned. The oligopeptides obtained from green micro-algae intensely increase the elasticity of your skin and visibly reduce the formation of stretch marks.


  • makes skin visibly firmer and more toned in only 4 weeks
  • improves skin elasticity, thus reducing the occurrence of stretch marks
  • overall regenerates the skin and increases its vitality
  • protects your skin from premature ageing
  • ideal to take care of your skin while you’re trying to lose weight
  • rich, creamy, but delicate texture

Clinical effects:

  • assessment by volunteers after 56 days of use
  • 85% noted the lifting effects of the cream
  • 95% noticed their skin was firmer
  • 65% felt the appearance of their stretch marks was improved

Results of testing based on self-assessment by volunteers:

  • 95% stated the cream increases skin elasticity
  • 90% noticed the cream had a firming effect
  • 80% noted a reduced visibility of stretch marks
  • 80% confirmed lifting effects of the cream
  • 95% noticed the cream increased skin hydration
  • 95% stated the cream made their skin softer
  • 90% felt their skin was smoother
  • 95% appreciated the pleasant scent and texture of the cream


  • oligopeptides from green micro-algae – contain substances similar to collagen, stimulate elastin production to help renew the natural tone, firmness, and elasticity of your skin
  • Trio-Molecular® formula – promotes the absorption of active ingredients into the skin, 
    improves the oxygenation of skin cells as well as skin elasticity and firmness
  • vitamin E – helps slow down skin ageing, promotes hydration
    and leaves skin more supple and soft
  • vitamin E – acts as a powerful antioxidant

How to use:
Apply in large motions to the skin of your entire body after bath or shower. Use every day, either on its own or as a follow-up product to the Eisenberg Classique Amincissant Corps body serum.


Skin type
all skin types
Active ingredients
vitamin C, vitamin E

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About the brand Eisenberg

Eisenberg, a French brand of luxury cosmetics and perfumes, represents a combination of beauty, timelessness and perfection. It bears the name of its founder José Eisenberg who gave it life and true meaning through his uncompromising approach and creative enthusiasm.

José Eisenberg began working in the fashion industry when he was 21, but he left the field for some time in order to work in IT. When he founded his own beauty brand in 2000, he created a world that combines both of his great passions – art and technology – in a unique way.

All Eisenberg skin-care and body-care products contain active natural ingredients, premium raw materials such as diamond dust or pure gold, and last but not least the patented TriO-Molecular complex. This complex is the result of a 15-year-long research and represents an effective tool which prevents and corrects signs of ageing.

In keeping with the ethos of the brand, Eisenberg fragrances reflect the dreams of their creator. This luxury fragrance line is as precious as the emotions it inspires.

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