Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds and Saphire

Eau de Toilette for Women 100 ml

Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds and Saphire Eau de Toilette for Women 100 ml
Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds and Saphire Eau de Toilette for Women 100 ml
Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds and Saphire Eau de Toilette for Women 100 ml
100 ml

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Tuesday, 12/18/2018
Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds and Saphire
100 ml | £12.34

Fragrance description Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds and Saphire

Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds and Sapphires is a luxurious floral perfume with a tinge of Orient. It combines flowers with fresh fruit but it can also conjure up sweetly creamy and warm flowers. The fragrance is very intimate and personal and evokes different things to different people. The perfume can be recommended to be worn all year round but every woman will probably choose the season when the Diamonds and Sapphires perfume smells the loveliest to her.

The fragrance opens in a very floral way. Especially freesia, accompanied and softened by a drop of galbanum, is distinctive. Delicious fresh fruit notes can be found in the background. The heart of the fragrance belongs to delicate and exquisite flowers, rose and ylang-ylang. These are intertwined by an oriental and mysterious scent of spices. The base of the fragrance consists of sandalwood, amber and musk that add warmth, smoothness, depth and sensuality to the perfume.

The Diamonds and Sapphires perfume is irresistibly refined. The scent of flowers is fundamental, yet rather fresh at the beginning. It is smoothly oriental and savoury in the heart of the fragrance and it makes a sexy and hot impression in the base of the perfume. The composition is perfectly balanced and harmonious, making up a temptingly seductive cocktail. However, the cocktail retains its elegant and delicately classic femininity.

The fragrance is ideal for women who love luxury, diamonds and sapphires. The entire perfume is surrounded by an aura of luxury. It is also accompanied by elegance and sophistication that no woman wearing the Diamonds and Sapphires essence can lack. The woman who wears this fragrance is unbelievably sensual and sexy. She is confident and has her own style but she also possesses feminine tenderness and fragility.

Diamonds and Sapphires is a fragrance that perfectly adapts to its wearer. Its wearer can make it a very exceptional fragrance that becomes only an accessory to selected models and to make special occasions more interesting. Also, its wearer can decide that she wants to be surrounded by luxury and elegance every day thanks to this fragrance. The perfume will perfectly match a women's suit for work or a date.


Base notes
Amber, Musk, Sandalwood, Vetiver
Middle notes
Rhubarb, Rose, Spices, Ylang-Ylang
Top notes
Freesia, Galbanum
Fragrance category
floral, fruity

About the brand Elizabeth Taylor

A beautiful little girl was born in 1932 who wanted to become an actress from an early age. Not only did she manage to become a famous film star, she also became a fashion icon, admired the world over. We are talking about Elizabeth Taylor, who had roles in films such as Lassie Come Home, Father of the Bride, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Taming of the Shrew, and dozens more.
Her role in the film Cleopatra brought her fame. From then on, Elizabeth Taylor set fashion trends and soon after her first perfumes followed, created by the cosmetics giant Elizabeth Arden. Elizabeth Taylor perfumes have an enchanting aroma that hits the right note for many women.

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