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ElmexJunior 6-12 Years Toothpaste for Children

Elmex Junior 6-12 Years Toothpaste for Children
Elmex Junior 6-12 Years Toothpaste for Children
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Wednesday 26/01/2022
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Wednesday 26/01/2022

The Elmex Junior 6-12 Years toothpaste cleans children’s teeth perfectly and keeps them healthy and white.


  • protects teeth effectively

Elmex, a brand of dental care products which has been manufactured since 1962 by the Swiss oral hygiene producer GABA International AG, has helped with oral hygiene for many years.
Elmex toothpaste was the first to contain amine fluoride (AmF) to remineralise tooth enamel and increase its resistance to acids. Even today, the high-quality products by Elmex with scientifically proven effects are developed in collaboration with experts on dental care and backed by expertise from the field of oral and dental hygiene.
The Elmex products complement each other, offering a comprehensive solution to oral problems and their prevention. The mouthwashes and sprays, toothbrushes, floss, and pastes produced by the brand provide perfectly clean and healthy teeth and mouths with proper long-term use.  
Elmex products contribute to this generally so that we can be proud of a beautiful smile from childhood to old age. Elmex is the brand of choice for people who insist on proven quality for their teeth and oral health.