Emanuel Ungaro Ungaro Eau de Parfum for Women

Brand: Emanuel Ungaro

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Description of the perfume Emanuel Ungaro Ungaro


Perfume bottle



Overall impression


Top notes

Sicilian Lemon, Carambola, Pineapple

Middle notes

Orchid, Rose, Frangipani, Freesia

Base notes

Sandalwood, Musk

Emanuel Ungaro Ungaro is an oriental and floral fragrance with a distinctive spicy accent. Enter the world of Ungaro where nobody stays alone. Put on a gentle veil of flowers and the most exquisite ingredients and become a sexy woman that enchants everybody who smells her sensual fragrance. The perfume by the genius perfumer Emanuel Ungaro will breathe the faraway Orient on you and introduce you to the secrets of seducing. You will always feel exceptionally beautiful and attractive with this fragrance by Ungaro!

At first, you will smell a distinctive accord of juicy currant that will melt away after a while, giving way to gentle floral notes. These are dominated by elegant jasmine that will give you an unparalleled charm and style. Towards the end of the fragrance, your senses will be enchanted by unique saffron in combination with sensual amber. They will create a tender film on your skin that will warm it up for a pleasantly long time and scent every millimetre of you with a lovely essence of exotic distant lands.

The luxurious fashion brand of Emanuel Ungaro combines Italian style and French charm. His perfumes are simply the best that the perfume market can offer. His choice is really wide. Both those who admire rich and long-lasting floral and spicy compositions and those who love fresh and light notes that please with being unobtrusive will find what they are looking for. The Ungaro perfume by Emanuel Ungaro belongs in the first group of scents. The sensual eroticizing cocktail of flowers and spices comes in an impressive flacon. If you want a sexy tinge of the Orient, nothing else will make you happier than the Ungaro fragrance!

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Emanuel Ungaro Ungaro reviews & ratings

  • 28 July 2016

    I bought this perfume because I had finished the previous one. I like it too much, I could not give it up. Simply the best...

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