Erbe Solingen ManicureCuticle and Nail Scissors

Erbe Solingen Manicure Cuticle and Nail Scissors
Erbe Solingen Manicure Cuticle and Nail Scissors
9 cm

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Product description Erbe Solingen Manicure

Erbe Solingen Manicure is a product to provide perfectly styled and beautiful-looking nails.


  • gently smooths the delicate cuticles around the nail
  • easy application gives you quick, accurate results
  • blades are long-lasting
  • an ideal accessory for the perfect manicure
  • optimal dimensions ensure comfortable handling
  • trims nails gently
  • removes dry, rough and course skin around the nail

How to use:
For perfect results, first soak your fingers in warm water to soften the cuticles thoroughly. Then push the cuticles back and remove any excess sections. Hold the scissors with your thumb and forefinger and style your nails into the desired shape.


Skin type
all skin types

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