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essence EYEBROW TWEEZER tweezers
essence EYEBROW TWEEZER tweezers

What’s the secret of tidy eyebrows? That would be the Essence Eyebrow Tweezer, which makes plucking them a breeze. The tweezers have a bevelled tip to make using them incredibly precise and straightforward. Hair anywhere on the body simply doesn’t stand a chance.


  • plucks hairs easily
  • bevelled tips to grip the hairs easily
  • in a handy case
  • stylish design

How to use:
Pinch the hair at the root using the Essence Eyebrow Tweezer and pluck with a rapid movement. Always clean the tweezers before putting them back in the case.

Notino tip:
Accentuate your carefully plucked eyebrows. The Essence Brow Pomade + Brush eyebrow pen with brush helps you fill in the areas with missing hairs and get thicker-looking brows.

essenceEYEBROW TWEEZER tweezers

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