Estée Lauder Cinnabar IIEau de Parfum for Women

Estée Lauder Cinnabar II Eau de Parfum for Women 50 ml
Estée Lauder Cinnabar II Eau de Parfum for Women 50 ml
Eau de Parfum for Women 50 ml
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Fragrance description Estée Lauder Cinnabar II

Estee Lauder Cinnabar is a wonderful oriental perfume for women that was first introduced to the market in 1978. The intense, bold nectar from beautiful flowers, sweet fruits, and smooth wood will take your breath away. Next to the beloved Opium, Cinnabar is the second most popular fragrance with the flavor of the mysterious Orient. This spicy miracle has a grand and lasting effect. You will mostly want to wear it during the day. Thanks to its heartwarming, intense and softly sweet tones, this perfume from the prestigious brand Estee Lauder is well suited for the winter months.     

Cinnabar is an intoxicating enchantment concealed in attractive packaging. The splendid glass bottle filled with golden honey-like liquid is embellished with a robust scarlet cap. The entire composition evokes deep femininity, exotic flavor and detailed, crafted quality. Cinnabar should be worn by women with high standards for all aspects of their lives. This highly elegant perfume by Estee Lauder will suit such fascinating, exclusive and outstanding divas as itself just right.     

You will discover the beauty of exotic flowers with its first tones. Catch a breeze of gorgeous jasmine mixed with the light freshness of orange blossoms and finished with the sweet flavor of joyful tangerine. A flowery mixture enchanted by a bold spicy note waits for you in the perfume’s heart. The innocence of charming lily-of-the-valley and white lily wedded with delicate clove will leave you feeling like the one and only woman in the whole world. Genuine frankincense, with a strong additive of sandalwood and intense wisp of patchouli, lends this excellent fragrance a trace of nobility.     

The longstanding Estee Lauder tradition pleases with its quality and originality. There are many floral choices for romantic souls. Even fans of intense fragrances and fresh fruit cocktails will find favorites. Anyone tempted by the unique magic of seduction and novel elegance hidden in each bottle of Estee Lauder will surely be satisfied.     

Cinnabar perfume will remind you of exceptional moments spent in some of the most magical countries of the Orient. The sensual and very intoxicating combination of flowers, fruits, spices and wood will last an unbelievably long time and, yet, you will never weary of it. Once someone has tried one of Estee Lauder’s excellent perfumes, they will never again be satisfied by anything else.


Top notes
Peach, Jasmine, Tangerine, Orange Tree Blossom
Middle notes
Lily, Clove, Carnation, Lily Of The Valley
Base notes
Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Vetiver, Benzoin
Fragrance category
oriental, spicy

About the brand Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder cosmetics bear the name of their founder, who caused a revolution in the beauty world in the 20th century. As the niece of a pharmacist, Estée got into cosmetic production at an early age and was soon mixing her first face cream. In 1946, she started selling her own Estée Lauder products.

The Estée Lauder brand was built on dedication, perseverance and passion. Estée often visited beauty salons all over New York, and the brand prospered thanks to personalised recommendations by individual customers, with Estée Lauder skin care products soon becoming famous.

From a small business, it gradually became a premium brand in an international format. The iconic Estée Lauder foundation is now an integral part of many women’s makeup bag and, because of its luxury ingredients and scientific approach, Estée Lauder face cream is the best you could ask for for your skin. The Estée Lauder philosophy is quite simple – every woman can look beautiful, regardless of age.

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