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Eveline Cosmetics Glycol Therapy enzymatic scrub With AHAs
Eveline Cosmetics Glycol Therapy enzymatic scrub With AHAs
Complexion typenormal
EffectsCleansing, Brightening, Revitalisation, Exfoliation, Pore-minimising
When to usenight, day and night
Active ingredientsglycolic acid, AHA Acids

Thanks to its deep action and exfoliating effects, the Eveline CosmeticsGlycol Therapy cleansing scrub helps prevent the appearance of skin imperfections. Not only does it rid the skin of all impurities, but it also removes dead skin cells that tend to clog pores, cause blackheads or a dull skin tone and greyness.


  • washes and cleans the entire face thoroughly
  • does not dry out skin
  • removes dead skin cells
  • reduces skin blemishes
  • smooths and softens skin

How to use:
Apply to dry face, massage gently, and then wash off carefully with water.

Eveline CosmeticsGlycol Therapy enzymatic scrub With AHAs

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