Eye pencil

Best Eye Pencil

Bring out your eyes with the best eye pencil! Whether you’re looking for white eyeliner to brighten up your eyes, a kajal eye pencil for a smokey eye makeup, or a waterproof eyeliner for bad weather, we have everything you need.

How to Choose the Right Eye Pencil?

Always consider the hardness of the eye pencil. A harder eye pencil can work as a classic eyeliner and create a precise line, while a softer kajal eye pencil is easier to smudge and can be used for a smokey-eye look. Kajal eyeliner also usually has a more dramatic effect and lasts longer.

For an afternoon at the pool, or in case of rainy weather, choose a waterproof eye pencil that resists both water and tears and pair it with a waterproof mascara to create a look that never fails you. If you have sensitive eyes, go for a hypoallergenic eye pencil free of any potential irritants.

Eye Pencil Colours

Once you decide what type of eye pencil suits you best, you need to choose the right colour:

  • Black eye pencil is a classic – pick the right one and create a striking eye makeup with a single stroke.
  • Brown eye pencil offers a more subtle effect than a black one. It will help you create a more natural look and it’s great for people with blonde hair.
  • White eye pencil makes your eyes look bigger. Use it in the inner corner of the eye or as a line on your lower lid.
  • Pink, green or blue eyeliner will help you experiment with colour and let your imagination run wild. Dreaming of colourful makeup but don’t have the right eye pencil? Then simply use a thin brush and a bright eyeshadow to create the best eyeliner.

What Else Will You Need?

Drawing a precise line is always essential! Don’t forget to buy a good eye pencil sharpener to make sure your eye pencil is always perfectly sharp. We even offer eye pencils that come with their own sharpeners.

Find your new eye pencil by Clinique, Rimmel or Bourjois and enjoy your perfect makeup look that impresses everyone around you!