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Don’t just dream about having perfect skin. Stick to the golden rule of 3: gentle cleanse in the morning, thorough makeup removal and a deep cleansing in the evening! Perfect your skin-care routine with the best makeup remover and cleanser according to your skin type and enjoy having a skin free of acne, clogged pores and premature wrinkles.

Makeup Removers According to Skin Type

If you wear makeup, removing it is an absolute must, because layers of cosmetic products prevent your skin from breathing and getting rid of toxins. However, no skin is like the other and every skin type needs a different makeup remover. So which one should you choose?

  • Dry skin – use a makeup-remover oil, lotion or a cleansing balm which won’t cause dehydration
  • Sensitive skin – gentle makeup-removing lotion, coconut oil or almond oil that doesn’t cause irritation
  • Combination and oily skin – water-rinsable gels and foams which remove makeup as well as excess sebum
  • Problem skin – makeup-remover toner or gel with anti-acne ingredients

Tips for Correct Makeup Removal

  1. Start by using your best eye-makeup remover, then proceed to take off the rest of your makeup.
  2. Apply the makeup remover using cotton pads.
  3. Proceed from the centre of your face outwards.
  4. Keep using new cotton pads until the last one comes out completely clean.

Our tip: Need to quickly remove your makeup while you’re on the go? Try some handy makeup wipes!

Morning Skin Cleansing

While you sleep, your skin is busy self-cleaning – flushing out the impurities that have settled on it during the day. Now you need to remove them to help your skin absorb nutrients from your day cream and ensure your makeup stays on. Since you probably don’t have much time to spare in the morning, you can simply use a cleansing toner which has the added benefit of refreshing your skin.

Evening Skin Cleansing

A lot of toxins can settle on your skin over the course of the day, so your night-time routine should include good cleansing products.

Tips and tricks for effective skin cleansing:

  1. Pick a cleanser that suits your skin type. Oily skin will benefit from a facial cleansing gel while dry skin needs a cleansing oil and sensitive skin will appreciate a gentle cleansing foam.
  1. At least once a week, use a facial exfoliator to remove dead skin cells.
  2. A facial cleansing brush is amazing for clearing clogged pores and removing even deep-seated impurities or blackheads.
  3. When you’re travelling or you’re simply in a rush, you can cleanse your skin quickly and thoroughly with micellar water.
  4. Cleaning your face will be easier with a facial konjac sponge which can be used even on sensitive skin and performs a gentle exfoliation.
  5. Particularly oilier skin types will benefit from a once-a-week cleansing face mask which removes toxins, tightens pores and regulates sebum production.
  6. Don’t forget to finish the cleansing process with a facial toner which balances the pH and tightens pores. Only then can you apply your facial serum and cream. offers natural makeup removers as well as facial cleansers for men. Discover all essential skin cleansers from Bioderma, Clinique, Neutrogena and other renown brands at amazing prices!