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How to Choose the Right Face Mask?

Discover the benefits of a face mask and pamper your skin just like a beautician would do!

Looking for a face mask for acne, popular Korean face masks, a rejuvenating collagen mask, or perhaps a mask for dark under-eye circles? We have exactly what you need. Just select your skin type and desired effect on the left!

The best face mask doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive one, or the one with a purely natural formula. Always choose based on your skin type and the effect you want to achieve.

Types of Face Masks Based on Application:

  • A peel-off mask is the best choice for blackheads and acne! It expertly removes all impurities as well as dead skin cells. Simply apply the peel-off mask to your face while avoiding your lips and eye area, leave it on, and then peel it off from your chin towards your forehead.
  • A cloth or sheet mask keeps your skin hydrated, nourished and bright like you’ve just had a facial treatment. Place the sheet mask on your face, leave on for the recommended amount of time, and remove. You can massage the residual serum into your skin or gently wipe it off with a cotton pad.
  • A cream face mask should be applied just like a skin cream. Some cream-based masks will get completely absorbed, while others need to be washed off after a certain amount of time.

Types of Face Masks Based on Effects and Formula:

  • A moisturising face mask refreshes dry and tired skin and maintains its long-term hydration balance. Particularly a mask with hyaluronic acid will have perfect moisturising effects.
  • A black mask with activated charcoal helps you combat blackheads and acne, prevents them from reappearing and clears clogged pores. It is a great mask for oily skin.
  • A gold face mask contains gold particles and has rejuvenating effects. It’s a perfect lifting mask for mature skin.
  • A clay mask will thoroughly remove any impurities, soothe your skin and detoxify it. It’s a popular type of cleansing face mask.
  • An anti-hyperpigmentation face mask with vitamin C brightens up your skin and unifies your skin tone.

Face Masks for Lips, Eyes and Décolleté

  • Lip masks will keep your lips soft and nourished, prevent them from cracking, and nourish the surrounding area.
  • Eye masks help you get rid of dark circles, they fill fine lines and soothe irritated eye area.
  • Masks for neck and décolleté have similar properties to anti-wrinkle and moisturising masks. They improve the elasticity and hydration in the area and their regular use results in a reduction of wrinkles.

How to Use a Face Mask?

Every facial mask requires a different application, which is why you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In general, a face mask should be used once or twice a week and always on clean skin without any makeup.