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Farmona Herbal Care Black Radish shampoo against hair loss
Farmona Herbal Care Black Radish shampoo against hair loss
Hair typeall hair types
EffectsGrowth stimulation
Scalp skin typeall scalp types
Hair problemthinning hair and hair loss

Formulated to combat hair loss. Farmona Herbal Care Black Radish shampoo purifies and nourishes both scalp and hair. Its formula is enriched with black turnip extract that nourishes and fortifies hair roots while preventing hair loss. Elaborated for weak hair, this shampoo revitalises hair fibres thanks to keratin and helps make detangling easy with inutec.


  • cleanses hair and scalp
  • fortifies and revitalises hair
  • nourishes hair and scalp
  • improves hair density and volume
  • suitable for weak hair
  • promotes glossy, vibrant hair


  • inutec – natural prebiotic that facilitates detangling, protects hair from damage
  • black turnip extract – nourishes and fortifies hair roots, prevents hair loss
  • micronised wheat proteins – promotes beautiful hair
  • liquid keratin – revitalises and rebuilds hair fibres

How to apply:
Apply Farmona Herbal Care shampoo to wet hair, gently massage it, and rinse thoroughly with water.

FarmonaHerbal Care Black Radish shampoo against hair loss

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