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Intimate Wash or Wipes for Your Intimate Hygiene

Give your intimate parts some special care to maintain their natural microflora and prevent unpleasant sensations or unwanted odours. Intimate hygiene products are free of classic soap and generally contain lactic acid or other nourishing ingredients to keep the pH of your intimate area healthy and naturally acidic, thus restoring a clean and fresh feeling.

Why Use an Intimate Wash?

Healthy pH of your intimate area is usually between 3.8 and 4.5 (acidic environment). Regular soaps tend to be more basic (pH 5.5), so by using them you might disturb the natural microflora of your intimate parts. Intimate wipes and gels have special formulas which balance the natural pH, soothe irritation and combat unpleasant odours.

Which Intimate Hygiene Products to Choose? carries a wide range of intimate products for everyday use or for a quick cleanse during travelling.

  • Intimate soap is specially designed not to disturb the hydrolipidic film of the skin and to protect the mucous membrane from irritation. Intimate soaps are suitable for everyday use.
  • Intimate wash or emulsion is designed for sensitive and irritated skin, quickly restores its balance and reduces unpleasant sensations. Suitable for everyday use.
  • Intimate foam with optimal pH is a refreshing cleansing product for a gentle yet effective regular intimate hygiene.
  • Intimate oil gently cleans and intensely hydrates your skin.
  • Intimate wipes with a subtle scent are a great product for travelling, especially when you don’t have the chance to wash or freshen up during the day. Intimate wet wipes come in handy packs you can easily put in your handbag or rucksack.
  • Intimate spray or intimate mist is designed for a quick freshening up of your sensitive area during the day, or for a very gentle wash.

Intimate Wash for Men

  • Intimate hygiene products for men come in handy during increased physical activity or simply to prevent unpleasant feelings of tightness and discomfort. They offer a quick relief, moisturise your skin and provide a lasting feeling of freshness. Intimate hygiene for men is designed for everyday use and should become an essential part of your daily hygiene.
  • Notino carries intimate gel for men which is suitable for regular use in the shower. After a bath we recommend using a leave-on intimate gel that ensures a fresh and dry feeling throughout the day and works as an antiperspirant with a subtle fragrance.

Enjoy a clean and fresh feeling which lasts all day and discover the best gel for intimate hygiene, handy intimate wet wipes for a gentle care, or intimate sprays for men and women at!