Fenjal Classic

Cosmetic Set I.

Fenjal Classic Cosmetic Set I.
Fenjal Classic Cosmetic Set I.
Fenjal Classic Cosmetic Set I.

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This set contains: Cream Bath Oil 200 ml + Deodorant Spray 150 ml + Creme Soap 100 g


Skin type
all skin types
Type of packaging
body spray
Type of set
Cosmetic Set

About the brand Fenjal

The Swiss cosmetic brand Fenjal brings you exceptional body care that will pamper your skin during bath time, in the shower, or while applying body lotion and deodorant. These unique beauty products will make you feel special, and their lovely scent will enchant and relax you. Fenjal knows all about the uplifting and calming effect of different aromas. This knowledge, together with the famous Swiss precision and attention to detail, is the defining trait behind all of Fenjal’s bath and shower products, body lotions, deodorants and fragrances.
Fenjal has been around since 1899 when their mother company, Doetsch Grether, was founded in Basel as a pharmaceutical business. Some time later, the company started making beauty products as well, and their cosmetics department became a standalone brand. The first Fenjal product, an innovative bath oil, became very popular with the customers, spurring a whole line of new products. Thanks to continuous research, Fenjal is able to regularly come up with new formulas and concepts to give your skin the best care it deserves.