Filorga Pigment White

Radiance Care for Pigment Spots Correction

Filorga Pigment White Radiance Care for Pigment Spots Correction
Filorga Pigment White Radiance Care for Pigment Spots Correction
50 ml

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Product description Filorga Pigment White

Filorga Medi-Cosmetique Pigment-White brightening anti-hyperpigmentation treatment reduces the size of dark spots while lightening them in the process. The result is a perfectly even and radiant skin.


  • reduces the visibility of age spots
  • helps prevent redness
  • keeps the skin moisturised and smooth
  • skin is calm, refreshed and radiant


  • minerals – reduce dark spots
  • hexylresorcinol – has a strong brightening effect
  • polyphenol – acts as an antioxidant
  • anti-glycation peptide – prevents skin yellowing
  • gluconolactone – reduces grey undertones
  • vitamin B3 – soothes and reduces redness
  • vitamin C – restores skin radiance

How to apply:
Apply every morning and evening to clean skin, focussing primarily on age spots. In order to achieve the desired effect, use ideally in combination with the Filorga Pigment-White serum.


Active ingredients
vitamin C
for all ages
Anti Age Spots, Brightening, Unifying
Sun Protection
without SPF
When to use
day, day and night, night

About the brand Filorga

The French brand Filorga is an expert on anti-ageing skin care. Its history began in the 1970s when Dr Tordjman started his research into skin ageing. The brand later obtained a patent for their NCTF® technology – a unique solution that slows down the process and corrects existing imperfections. At first, the Filorga Laboratoires were producing skin care for professional use, such as fruit acid peels, mesotherapy products or hyaluronic acid injections which became hugely popular with experts in the field of aesthetic medicine and dermatology.

Filorga was inspired by the success of its professional line and in 2007 launched the first product line for home use. The Medi-Cosmetique® line provides a non-invasive but still very effective solution. You can see the results of using the Filorga Time Filler cream or the Filorga Meso Mask at home without a visit to the beauty clinic. Filorga products eliminate wrinkles, restore brightness, density and strength and give you a beautiful looking skin without imperfections or signs of ageing.