FOREOUFO™ 2 Sonic Brush for More Efficient Effects of Face Mask

FOREO UFO™ 2 Sonic Brush for More Efficient Effects of Face Mask
FOREO UFO™ 2 Sonic Brush for More Efficient Effects of Face Mask
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  • FOREO UFO™ 2 Sonic Brush for More Efficient Effects of Face Mask
  • FOREO UFO™ 2 Sonic Brush for More Efficient Effects of Face Mask
  • FOREO UFO™ 2 Sonic Brush for More Efficient Effects of Face Mask
  • FOREO UFO™ 2 Sonic Brush for More Efficient Effects of Face Mask
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Friday 22/10/2021
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Friday 22/10/2021

Description FOREO UFO™ 2

Only 2 minutes a day are enough to achieve healthy, beautiful and perfectly clear skin! FOREO UFO™ 2 sonic device helps the ingredients in your skin care penetrate and act in the deep layers of your skin. This way, the active substances in your cream, serum or mask will absorb even faster and bring stronger effects.

FOREO UFO™ 2 also provides a gentle facial massage and a warm as well as cooling light therapy. Simply select a specific program that suits the needs of your skin. This sonic device can be either operated manually or through a mobile app. Treat yourself to this luxurious salon-level procedure in the comfort of your home.


  • ensures the absorption of active ingredients from creams, serums and masks deep inside your skin
  • offers a pulsing massage and releases tension
  • reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • removes dead skin cells
  • regulates sebum production
  • promotes tightening of enlarged pores
  • leaves face perfectly clear
  • instantly brightens and evens out skin tone

Technical specifications:

  • T-Sonic™ technology – gently massages your face, smooths out wrinkles and fine lines
  • High-Speed Masking function – ensures the absorption of nutrients from your mask in 2 minutes instead of 20
  • warming thermo therapy (up to 45 °C) – opens your pores for a better absorption of cosmetic ingredients
  • cooling cryo therapy (up to 5 °C) – tightens enlarged pores, firms and lifts your skin
  • easily operated through a mobile app
  • one charge through USB lasts for 40 uses
  • 100% waterproof

Colour therapies:

  • red LED therapy – firms and lifts your face, smooths out wrinkles
  • blue LED therapy – minimises blemishes, reduces the amount of sebum
  • green LED therapy – unifies skin tone, combats hyperpigmentation
  • white LED therapy – promotes natural skin renewal
  • purple LED therapy – eliminates toxins, brightens up skin
  • orange LED therapy – revitalises skin, reduces irritation caused by sun exposure
  • yellow LED therapy – improves skin tone, soothes irritation caused by sun exposure
  • azure LED therapy – soothes irritated skin, combats swelling

How to apply:
If you’re about to use the FOREO UFO™ 2 sonic device with the mobile app, start by signing up for the FOREO For You app, then connect the device with your phone via Bluetooth. Simply use the app to scan the bar code on the mask and follow the instructions.
If you’re using the FOREO UFO™ 2 without the app, follow the instructions on the packaging of the mask. Pressing the universal button once activates the Make My Day treatment. Pressing it twice puts the device in the Call It a Night mode, and three presses activate the H2Overdose mode.

Detailed instructions

User's guide can be found HERE


Complexion type
all skin types
Type of power supply
Hydration, Brightening, lifting, strengthening
When to use
day and night

About the brand FOREO

FOREO sets a new standard for beauty and health in skin care. The brand’s philosophy is based on the belief that when you feel great, you also look great. The revolutionary FOREO LUNA™ skin cleansing system, developed by the Swedish company in 2013, will help you relive this experience repeatedly.

FOREO sonic cleaning brushes are made out of hypoallergenic, non-porous silicone, which ensures they meet high standards of hygiene. More than eight thousand sonic pulses a minute and a unique design together guarantee gentle and in-depth cleansing of your skin. After each use, your skin will be cleaner, smoother and more radiant.

You can choose from a wide range of products. In addition to the basic version FOREO LUNA, there is also FOREO LUNA 2 with an anti-ageing effect, the compact FOREO LUNA mini 2, the travel-friendly LUNA go or the smallest one, LUNA play. The FOREO ISSA toothbrush and the FOREO IRIS brush for massaging the eye area are also very popular.

FOREO products are suitable for various skin types and are available in many colourful and playful versions. Pick your favourite!

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