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Make your home smell amazing, clean and fresh! The catalytic lamp is designed to eliminate smoke, pet odour and cooking fumes.

It is capable of not only sanitizing the air but also killing surface mould and bacteria. Fragrance lamp is a huge help during flu epidemics and for anyone suffering from irritating allergies caused by airborne particles, such as seasonal allergies.

Fragrance lamp works on the principle of catalytic combustion. The lamp does not operate with an open flame which makes it even safer. After removing the decorative cap the stone is lit. A few minutes later the flame is extinguished by blowing it out but the stone still remains active causing the combustion of an alcohol liquid fuel. This releases molecules that purify the air, diffuse aromatherapy oils and eliminates bad odours and bacteria.

Find the best catalytic lamp at today, breathe healthier and make your home smell great.