Gellé Frères Queen Next Door Fleur d’Or-EnjouéeEau de Parfum (alcohol free) for Women

Gellé Frères Queen Next Door Fleur d’Or-Enjouée Eau de Parfum (alcohol free) for Women
Gellé Frères Queen Next Door Fleur d’Or-Enjouée Eau de Parfum (alcohol free) for Women
50 ml

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Tuesday 12/10/2019
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Fragrance description Gellé Frères Queen Next Door Fleur d’Or-Enjouée

Who says a Queen can’t let loose? Gellé Frères Fleur d'Or Enjouée is a range wich bring you back in childhood. The orange blossom will make you want to release the stress, to laugh and to liberate the extravagance in you. Comforting cuddly toys and lovely little round macarons! You select and devour them at will, as the mood takes you. Greedy, gleeful and beaming, tonight you reign in Pyjama.

A delicious and comforting orange blossom fragrance with the power to transport you back to your childhood. An initially perky and sparkling orange blossom with zesty, playful hints. The heart note radiates with the warmth of the enveloping monoï accord. Like a macaron combining a crunchy outer shell and a soft centre, the base note is creamy and smells sweet upon melting into the skin.

Alcohol-free and long-lasting, owing to its microencapsulated formula, Fleur d’Or-Enjouée can be sprayed on skin or hair. An indulgent cloud of ultra-fine droplets in a single spritz.


Top notes
Orange Blossom, Bergamot
Middle notes
Monoi Oil
Base notes
Vanilla, Praline
Fragrance category
citrus, floral

About the brand Gellé Frères

Born in 1826, Gellé Frères is a perfume house with an unique purpose, to wake up the Queen hiding in you.

The history of the brand starts when Gellé’s brothers inherit the formulae of Jean Louis Fargeon, perfumer of Marie-Antoinette Queen. Their goal: to democratize the beauty secrets of Queens thanks to the benefits of flowers.

Since the beginning, the house knew how to express an unique "savoir fleur". Rewarded for its inoovation in perfumery and cosmetic, Gellé Frères developped a knowledge of flowers between science and poetry, catching their soul in precious bottles.

Today, this "savoir-fleur" express itself by the 5 Perfumes Queen Next Door collection. Alcohol free, their subtil floral perfume is unveiling itself all day long, thanks to the micro-encapsulation innovative technologie.

The brand openned the gates of its ultra-connected shop on the Avenue de l’Opéra in Paris, to serve the queens arround its e-boudoir.

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