GestilCare Shower Gel And Shampoo 2 In 1

Gestil Care Shower Gel And Shampoo 2 In 1
Gestil Care Shower Gel And Shampoo 2 In 1
150 ml

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Description Gestil Care

The Gestil Care 2-in-1 shower gel and shampoo washes your body and hair quickly and effectively.


  • softens the skin
  • provides hair and skin care
  • gives hair the necessary hydration and shine

How to use:
Apply to wet hair and skin all over your body, lather gently, massage in, then rinse thoroughly.


Hair type
all hair types
Skin type
sensitive, dry
Hydration, Calming, Protection from the elements
Scalp skin type
sensitive scalp, normal scalp, itchy scalp

About the brand Gestil

Gestil – miracle restoration of your hair’s beauty. Gestil is a high-quality Italian brand of hair products, excellent for their gentle effect and balanced concentration of active ingredients and extracts. Gestil products focus on effective solutions for hair and scalp problems.
Thanks to their unique ingredients, including extracts of bamboo and various herbs, they improve the condition of your hair and protect it from damage with unparalleled effect. Gestil Wonder, a revitalising product, has become legendary, restoring the health and beauty of even badly damaged hair suffering from the effects of dyeing, bleaching, or smog.  
Gestil products are equally effective for problems with dandruff, grease, dehydration, excessive sensitivity, and other specific needs for your hair and scalp. Their styling products reliably give your hair shape, shine, nourishment, and protection. Gestil hair products deliver an excellent effect for reasonable prices.

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