Goldwell Dualsenses For MenHair Tonic To Treat Losing Hair For Men

Goldwell Dualsenses For Men Hair Tonic To Treat Losing Hair For Men
Goldwell Dualsenses For Men Hair Tonic To Treat Losing Hair For Men
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Product description Goldwell Dualsenses For Men

Goldwell Dualsenses For Men, a strengthening and revitalizing hair treatment, efficiently prevents men's hair loss! Its special composition stimulates blood circulation in hair skin and restores and nourishes roots of hair. Thanks to the cooling effect and activation elements contained in the treatment your hair skin will be cool and perfectly prepared to accept the nourishing substances. Goldwell Dualsenses For Men significantly strengthens hair and provides it with new energy. The results of its use is healthy and strong hair without unwanted loss.


prevents hair loss

restores and nourishes roots
stimulates blood circulation in hair skin
strengthens hair
pleasant cooling effect

Recharge System – strengthens demanding men's hair and protects it against damaging elements of environment
panthenol – renewal and nourishment of hair fiber
menthol – pleasant cooling effect
guarana – strengthens hair, promotes blood circulation in hair skin
caffein – revitalizing effect, stimulates both hair and hair skin
Instant Microfluid Technology – fast and even absorption of efficient substances into hair

Type of hair:
Suitable for all types of hair.

Apply evenly on and massage into hair skin after washing hair. Do not wash off. For daily use.


Hair type
all hair types, thinning hair and hair loss
growth stimulation, Nourishing
Scalp skin type
all scalp types

About the brand Goldwell

Goldwell professional hair care turns all the creative dreams of hairdressers and their clients into reality. Since 1948, Goldwell has been offering a comprehensive line of salon-quality hair care and hair styling as well as groundbreaking innovations in the hairdressing industry.

The wide product portfolio, top-quality training programs and expertise make Goldwell one of the best in their field. Every year, the brand introduces new lines and leads the way in hairstyling and fashion trends inspired by renowned stylists.

All Goldwell products are great at helping hairdressers around the globe create their best styles. However, they’re also fantastic for home use, so you can enjoy looking fabulous every day without going to the salon. Whether you choose a Goldwell shampoo for healthy and glossy hair, one of their styling products or a Goldwell hair dye, the results will always be perfect.

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