Grown Alchemist Activate Anti-Aging Serum

  • Grown Alchemist Activate Anti-Aging Serum

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    • Grown Alchemist Activate Anti-Aging Serum  30 mlAnti-Aging Serum 

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      30 ml
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    Description of the product Grown Alchemist Activate



    Cosmetic quality



    According to skin problems

    pigmentation spots and unification, regeneration and replumping, wrinkles and lines


    Mature Complexion, wrinkles

    Complexion type

    All Skin Types



    Grown Alchemist Activate face serum to reduce the signs of ageing rejuvenates the skin rapidly and effectively.


    • smooths out expression wrinkles, boosts collagen production
    • significantly improves skin hydration levels
    • significantly reduces deep wrinkles and lines, including the nasolabial folds
    • protects the skin against oxygen, nitrogen and carbon radicals
    • rejuvenates, leaving the skin visibly smoother and more radiant


    • peptides 8 and 6 – smooth out lines and wrinkles
    • Protec-3 complex – protects against the harmful effects of free radicals
    • polysaccharides – moisturise, smooth, rejuvenate

    How to apply:

    Massage an appropriate amount of serum gently into your face.

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