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GUERLAIN Aqua Allegoria Bosca Vanilla Forte eau de parfum refillable for women

GUERLAINAqua Allegoria Bosca Vanilla Forte eau de parfum refillable for women

75 ml
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Wednesday 13/12/2023
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Wednesday 13/12/2023
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The Aqua Allegoria fragrance collection celebrates the wonders of the world. Each creation pays tribute to nature’s beauty and sweeps us up in a discovery of exceptional raw ingredients and notes, beautifully enhanced by our perfumer-explorers.

Discover Bosca Vanilla Forte, the meeting between a driftwood accord with hints of the sea and the warmth of vanilla and everlasting flower with sunny, enveloping accents.

“Bosca Vanilla Forte is the scent of a wild Corsican beach in late summer. Notes of driftwood and salty vanilla, like a powerful wave caressing the warm sand.” - Delphine Jelk, Guerlain Perfumer

Aqua Allegoria Forte, the intense collection, is a warm and enveloping journey to the heart of the world’s wonders: Eaux de Parfum celebrating the intense beauty of nature, revealed by the golden rays of a setting sun.

A powerful symbol of Guerlain's commitment to the planet, the Aqua Allegoria Forte fragrances contain more than 90% natural origin*. The French beetroot alcohol used in their formulas comes from a network committed to responsible farming.

The 200 mL refill extends the life cycle of the Aqua Allegoria bottle without compromising on quality. The spray unscrews manually to top up the bottle with a user-friendly refill, fitted with an anti-spill system. It cannot be used alone and is only compatible with refillable 75 mL and 125 mL bottles.

*In accordance with the ISO 16128, calculation including water.



Top notes
Eucalyptus, Bitter Orange
Middle notes
Vanilla, Everlasting Flower
Base notes
Drift-Wood, Cypress
Fragrance categoryaldehyde, woody
Sustainabilityrefillable packaging