G.U.M StimulatorStimulator For Gums Massage

G.U.M Stimulator Stimulator For Gums Massage
G.U.M Stimulator Stimulator For Gums Massage
Stimulator For Gums Massage

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G.U.M Stimulator Stimulator For Gums Massage
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Friday 20/09/2019
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Product description G.U.M Stimulator

The G.U.M Stimulator complementary dental care treatment will help you achieve perfect dental hygiene.


  • massages the gums pleasantly
  • provides effective prevention of gum disease

How to use:
Use according to the instructions included.

About the brand G.U.M

G.U.M. is the oldest and most complex oral care brand. It is owned by SUNSTAR, the leading global company in oral hygiene, which was founded in 1932. Sunstar, which also works in body care, the environment, and cutting-edge technologies alongside dental hygiene, aims to help people regain and maintain their health and improve their quality of life.
That is why it is examining possible links between gum disease and other serious diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and is developing top-class clinically proven products for total oral hygiene. This is always done in collaboration with dental professionals and based on knowledge of the latest research from around the world.
All G.U.M. branded products not only help you to have a healthy mouth and clean, beautiful teeth and fresh breath, they also prevent oral bacteria from spreading throughout the body via the bloodstream through targeted treatment, protecting you from the risk of serious health problems. The G.U.M. motto is: “Take care of your mouth and you’ll take care of your overall health.”

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