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Beautiful and Handy Hair Accessories and Adornments

Whether you’re 5 or 65, whether you’re blonde or brunette, whether your hair is perfectly straight or nice and curly – hair accessories are simply an essential. Just find the ones that suit your personal style or hold your hair down in the way you need.

Which Hair Accessories or Adornments Should You Choose?

  • Hair clips: You can use hair pins which can be almost invisible, or beautiful hair clips that draw everyone’s attention. Using them is extremely easy – they will secure your hair strands in place in a matter of seconds or turn your business-like bun into a hairdo that’s party-ready.
  • Hair elastics: A hair elastic is an almost magical little thing, a true queen of hair accessories. It will keep your hair away from your face and secure it in a practical ponytail or bun – plus you can use them to accessorise your outfit.
  • Headband: Some women swear by fabric headbands while others prefer plastic ones. In any case, a headband is a good accessory to save you when you don’t have the time to wash your hair.
  • Hair scarf and other accessories: Use a hair scarf to give a little extra touch to your ponytail, or braid it into your plait. A hair donut will help you achieve a semblance of volume, while a spiral elastic keeps your hair in a twist and a hair claw keeps your hair in place during shower or swimming.

How to Pick the Right Pins, Hair Ties and Headbands When...

  • ... you’re headed for work: Bobby pins will keep your hair away from your face and stop it from distracting you, spiral elastics will prevent an imprint in our hair for many hours, and any hair accessory with a subtle print will help you feel great during a stressful business meeting.
  • ... you’re about to go on a date: A headband with a bow will bring out your romantic side and make you memorable. Another beautiful feminine accessory is a scarf tied around your ponytail.
  • ... you’re planning a sporting activity: Choose hair accessories that hold your hair perfectly in place without putting excessive stress on it.
  • ... you’re a bride-to-be: Bridal hair accessories should look sophisticated and complement your entire wedding outfit. Try an elegant hair pin with pearls which creates a gorgeous little accent. Other popular wedding hair accessories are hair donuts and romantic hair elastics with a bow.
  • ... you’re 3 to 13 years old: Or you’re simply getting hair pins for a child. Anything with a bow, a flower or a touch of glitter will be fantastic. How about hair elastics with colourful animals?
  • .... you don’t want to put stress on your hair: Go for spiral hair elastics or scrunchies – and no more hair tugging and pulling!

These handy or luxurious hair accessories will help you look different and stylish every single day. While hair pins, headbands and hair elastics might be essential, try also a hair scarf and give your hairdo a new chic twist!