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Semi-permanent hair dye
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Revive the colour of your hair or change its shade completely for a few weeks! A semi-permanent hair dye will give you a bright colour without unnecessary damage.

What Is a Semi-Permanent Hair Dye?

Semi-permanent hair dye is a type of temporary hair dye whose colour pigments don’t penetrate deep into the hair shaft and instead stay at the surface where they’re gradually washed out. Semi-permanent hair dyes offer medium coverage and longevity.

When Is a Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Better than a Permanent Hair Dye?

  • When you’re looking for a short-term colour change for a special occasion.
  • When you want to liven up your current hair colour and achieve a natural look.
  • When you’re thinking about a new colour and want to try it for a few weeks.
  • When you want your hair dye to get gradually washed out without clear outgrown roots at the scalp.
  • When you’re looking for a more gentle solution than a permanent hair dye can give you.

How Long Does a Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Last?

A semi-permanent hair dye usually lasts 4–15 washes, or a few weeks. If you want to try a colour that washes out even quicker, pick a wash-out hair colour.

Which Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Should You Choose?

A semi-permanent hair dye is never boring! Get a trendy semi-permanent pink hair dye to look like a star at a summer festival or on an exclusive holiday. A blue or purple semi-permanent hair dye will always make you stand out. However, keep in mind that a bright colour will look best on blonde hair and the results on dark hair might not be optimal.

If you’d prefer to stick to a trusted classic, find a semi-permanent hair dye in a shade that is similar to yours. Depending on your current colour, pick either a ginger, black, brown or blonde semi-permanent hair dye and give your hair a brilliant shine. offers professional semi-permanent hair dyes as well as those for home use. Choose from the best semi-permanent hair dyes by L’Oréal Paris, Garnier or Inebrya and enjoy your new look.