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Are you dreaming of perfectly smooth, soft, straight hair while maintaining a completely natural shape and gloss?

Your best solution is a steam hair straightener by L´Oréal Professionnel or BaByliss which straightens and protects your hair. A gentle steam hair straightener is especially fantastic for thick and unruly hair.

7 benefits of a steam hair straightener

  • It’s gentler on your hair than a standard straightener.
  • Seals split ends and prevents further splitting.
  • Ensures the most natural appearance after straightening.
  • Doesn’t dry hair out – in fact it hydrates it.
  • Leaves hair smooth and shiny.
  • Can handle coarse and rough hair.
  • It can straighten your hair or give them a natural wave if needed.

How does a steam straightener work?

Before you start using a steam hair straightener, fill its reservoir with water. This is where the steam will come from to open the protective layer of the hair and prepare it for styling and shaping. The steam of the straightener will make sure your hair stays hydrated and protects it from damage caused by high temperatures during straightening.

What should you pay attention to while choosing a steam hair straightener?

Before you buy a new hair straightener, take into account your hair type and the specifications of the straightener.

  • The ceramic coating of the plates will ensure the most gentle straightening and a great longevity. By contrast, titanium coating is not as gentle on the hair.
  • Quick heating saves time.
  • Setting the temperature according to your hair type will ensure the best result.
  • A sufficiently big water reservoir makes the whole straightening process faster.
  • A longer cable makes hair straightening more comfortable.
  • Automatic switch off will end your worries about whether you turned the device off or not after you leave the house.
Choose the best steam hair straightener and enjoy perfectly straight, healthy, and shiny hair.