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Travel hair dryers and straighteners
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Would you like to have your hair straight or curly even when on your trips?

Pack a mini hair straightener and a mini travel hair dryer and enjoy perfectly styled hair wherever you are. A mini travel straightener and hair dryer won’t take up much space, plus they offer the functionality of a standard hair straightener and hair dryer. And they cost less!

How to choose the right travel hair straightener?

  • The coating of the plates affects the quality of straightening and hair protection.
    • Titanium coating heats up the fastest, but it’s not very gentle on your hair.
    • Tourmaline is a material that prevents static electricity during straightening, even if your hair is really fine.
    • Ceramic plates retain heat evenly and are suitable for all hair types.
  • Every good hair straightener should have temperature settings. Different hair types need different temperatures for perfect straightening.
  • Automatic switch off, quick heating, and a display might seem like little details, but they’ll save you a lot of trouble. Especially if you don’t have time to wait for the device to get ready, or if you forget to turn it off.

How to choose a small travel hair dryer?

  • The input of a small travel hair dryer will be lower than that of a standard one. This means that drying your hair will take longer. Normally, the input is around 800 to 2200W.
  • Thanks to the temperature settings, you can blow dry your hair effectively and safely. Temperatures that are too high are not good for your hair.
  • Different hair types might need a different speed of blow drying. For the best drying possible, select a hair dryer with several speed settings.

Trust the quality of mini straightener and hair dryer by Braun Remington, or Philips. Don’t forget to buy heat-protection hair products and dazzle everyone with your perfect hairstyle even when you’re travelling!