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Nourishing and Protective Hand Creams

Pamper your hands and treat your tired skin to some much needed nourishment and vitamins. A protective hand cream will strengthen the natural protective layer of your skin, soften it and nourish your nails!

Why Use a Hand Cream?

The skin of your hands suffers due to frequent washing, disinfecting, and being exposed to cold weather, sunlight and stress.

Everyday factors damage the sensitive skin barrier and cause skin dehydration, cracked skin and unpleasant itching that leads to premature skin ageing and even unwanted hyperpigmentation.

The right hand cream will provide hydration, vitamins and lipids, and even heal small wounds in the upper layer of your skin. Apply a regenerating hand cream several times a day, especially after washing your hands or using hand sanitizer – and good-bye dry skin!

How to Choose the Best Hand Cream?

According to area:

  • Put a hand cream with pump on your bathroom sink to make it easy and quick to use. You can choose for instance a cream with urea that instantly soothes irritated skin and protects it from harmful external factors.
  • You can also keep a travel-size moisturising hand cream in your handbag or cosmetic bag. If you need to make your hands smooth and supple at any point during the day, try the best hand cream for dry hands with vitamin E which absorbs fast and doesn’t leave an oily film.
  • Keep a good nourishing hand cream on your night stand so you have something to make your hands soft overnight. Try for instance a shea butter hand cream that provides intense hydration even to the most sensitive skin.

According to Skin Type:

  • If you have atopic dermatitis, look for a hand cream from one of the dermocosmetics brands.
  • Sensitive hands will benefit from a soothing natural hand moisturizer with aloe vera, calendula or almond oil.
  • Very dry hands with cracked skin deserve the deep nourishment of a regenerating hand cream with argan oil and urea. A hand cream for cracked skin perfectly moisturises, adds the necessary oils and takes care of any skin fissures.
  • An anti-ageing hand cream prevents harmful free radicals from penetrating the skin and causing premature skin ageing and hyperpigmentation. Choose hand creams with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, or a luxury hand cream with snail extract. A hand lotion against hyperpigmentation will brighten up your skin and reduce the visibility of existing age spots and any other dark spots.

Did you know that beautiful, well-groomed hands and healthy nails help you make a good first impression? Don’t leave your fate up to chance and choose from the wide selection of quality products for hands and nails at notino.co.uk. Find recommendations for really great products in our post about The Best Hand Creams.

Our tip: Looking for instant relief for the cracked skin on your hands? Try the powerful effects of moisturising gloves!