Latest Trends in Home Fragrance

 Just like you switch your perfume depending on the season, your mood, or your current preferences, you can also change the scent of your home. A well-selected home fragrance will help you create a cosy atmosphere and clear the air. 

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Trend No. 1: Natural Wax

If you want a beautiful fragrance without risking any air pollution, go for a candle made of natural wax. Soy candles produce up to 90% less soot than paraffin candles, plus they burn with a clear and bright flame.
Fans of intense aromas will get especially obsessed with the gorgeous scent of coconut candles. This natural material has the ability to preserve large amounts of fragrance and releases the aroma long after the candle’s been snuffed out.

Trend No. 2: Second Life for the Packaging

Quality craftsmanship and a unique design make the packaging of your scented candle ideal for upcycling. Simply place the glass with residual wax in your freezer for a few hours and then easily remove the wax along with the wick base using a knife.
You can repurpose the glass containers as makeup and brush storage, or even as plant pots for your cactuses or herbs.

Trend No. 3: A Cleaner Home

One of the biggest hits of the past few seasons have been catalytic lamps. You only light the burner for as long as it takes to heat up, and then put it out – the subsequent catalytic reaction then releases molecules which neutralise unwanted bacteria and odours. Your home will be healthier and gain a beautiful aroma.
The cleansing properties of these lamps will be especially appreciated by those who have allergies, pets, or people who like to cook.

Trend No. 4: Fresh Air and a Beautiful Scent in One

Ultrasonic diffusers are a modern solution that keeps your air fresh. These devices produce a fine water steam to freshen up the room and create a lovely atmosphere thanks to essential oils. Plus, they serve as a gorgeous home accessory.
The latest sonic diffusers are also able to positively stimulate your senses by using a subtle light therapy.
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