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Jeanne Arthes Rocky Man deodorant spray for men
Jeanne Arthes Rocky Man deodorant spray for men
Type of packagingSpray

Whatever your program for the day, you can throw your sweat odour worries behind you. Deodorant Jeanne ArthesRocky Man prevents the unpleasant faux pas that is body odour. It will leave your skin pleasantly fragrant and fight odour, which is caused when sweat reacts with bacteria on the skin. Long-term protection is ensured thanks to its effective deodorising effect, so you can enjoy a fresh and clean feeling all day long.


  • protects against unpleasant odours
  • leaves a long-term feeling of freshness
  • enhances the intensity of the fragrance from the same line

How to use:
Apply to clean, dry skin under the arms. Shake before use.

Jeanne ArthesRocky Man deodorant spray for men

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