JoyDivisionWARMup Body Oil

JoyDivision WARMup Body Oil
JoyDivision WARMup Body Oil
150 ml

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Wednesday 26/01/2022
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Wednesday 26/01/2022

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage or an exciting foreplay that perfectly prepares you for intimate moments with your partner. JoyDivision WARMup erotic massage gel caresses the skin and intensifies your pleasure.


  • ideal for erotic massage
  • warming effect for a more intense stimulation
  • creates an intimate atmosphere for erotic moments with your partner
  • lovely scent caresses your senses
  • amazing flavour

How to use:
Follow the instructions. Apply an optimal amount of product to the body and start massaging.

Important warnings

Keep out of reach of children.
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Route of Administration
Topical application to the skin