Karl Lagerfeld Lagerfeld ClassicEau de Toilette for Men

Karl Lagerfeld Lagerfeld Classic Eau de Toilette for Men
Karl Lagerfeld Lagerfeld Classic Eau de Toilette for Men
50 ml

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Fragrance description Karl Lagerfeld Lagerfeld Classic

Lagerfeld Classic is a pleasant oriental and woody fragrance for men with a light hint of cinnamon and tobacco. This seductive perfume by the luxury brand Lagerfeld is perfect for a man who looks for quality, fame and is very particular about proven and well-established notes. Classic is a scent of old traditions representing the stronger sex as elegant, neat and gallant seducers. If you want to be exactly like that, a dream of every woman, and wear the fame of the brand Lagerfeld every day, get this fragrance that you will find on our website for a pleasantly low price!

The attractive aroma of cinnamon and other ingredients comes in a simple glass bottle decorated with a silver cap and a practical ring. Transparent orange liquid sparkles inside, evoking classic refinement and charisma of perfect men. The elegant brown box of the perfume has timeless design which precisely captures the nature of Classic.

The harmonic blend of quality, luxury and natural ingredients begins with refreshing notes of greenery which are gently corresponded with by intoxicating tea and sage scents, strong power of bergamot, slightly sour lemon and aldehydes. Sandalwood combined with patchouli, powdery orris, exotic jasmine and dry cedar give the perfume an attractive oriental hint. An unusual and very manly ingredient – tobacco – makes this fragrance an experience for real gourmets and lovers of a delicious smoky aroma. The classic finish of tonka bean, musk, vanilla, amber and moss is very pleasant. Classic Eau de Toilette has a long lasting effect.

Lagerfeld perfumes are not very well-known on our market. They represent luxury in the true sense of the word though. They are fancied especially by women and men who want to be exceptional and original. Compositions with different intensity are full of flowers, fruit, spices and precious woods and come in precisely constructed bottles and boxes. If you want genuine luxury and prestige of a famous brand, get yourself one of Lagerfeld perfumes!

Lagerfeld Classic is a scent of real gentlemen who seem to have fallen out of a black and white movie. If you want to make an impression, do not fancy modern and mass-produced notes and believe in traditional values, do not hesitate! We have the unique Classic perfume for you which will breathe irreplaceable atmosphere of timeless classic on you.


Top notes - They develop straight after you put the fragrance on. They create the first impression and tend to be quite intense, but not long-lasting.
Top notes
Tea, Green Notes, Lemon, Bergamot, Sage, Aldehydes
Middle notes - The heart of the fragrance comes out after a couple of minutes when the head of the scent fades away. These notes usually last around 2 to 3 hours.
Middle notes
Tobacco, Jasmine, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Orris, Cedar, Rose
Base notes - The last and often longest part of the fragrance's evolution on your skin. Takes anywhere from 4 hours to over a day.
Base notes
Amber, Vanilla, Musk, Moss, Tonka Beans
Fragrance category
oriental, woody

About the brand Karl Lagerfeld

Lagerfeld Perfume | Lagerfeld - the fragrances inspired by a multifaceted talent. Karl Lagerfeld, born Karl Otto Lagerfeldt, is a world-renown artist, photographer and fashion designer from Germany who's been residing in Paris for most of his professional life. Over the course of his career, he's worked for many prestigious fashion brands including Chloé, Fendi or Chanel (of which he became a creative director in 1983). His own brand, Lagerfeld, mainly focuses on ready-to-wear fashion and fragrances.

Karl Lagerfeld introduced his first fashion collection in 1984. Since then, he's been collaborating with a few department stores and chain stores including Macy's, Sephora or H&M. The first Lagerfeld fragrance, Lagerfeld Classic for Men, was designed by Ron Winnegrad and launched in 1978.

Lagerfeld carries masculine, feminine and unisex fragrances. One of their most popular perfumes is Sun Moon Stars, exceptionally feminine and seductive oriental floral designed by Sophia Grojsman as a fragrance for the modern, independent woman.

In 2008, Lagerfeld introduced a minimalist fragrance trio called Kapsule and inspired by geometry. Karl Lagerfeld himself describes these perfumes as "music for the nose". Kapsule Light, an aromatic spicy scent, was designed by Mark Buxton, Kapsule Floriental with the notes of violets and black tea is a composition created by Emilie Coppermann, and the cedarwood-based Kapsule Woody was born in the mind of Olivier Cresp.

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