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Khadlaj Bakhoor Asdaaf frankincense
Khadlaj Bakhoor Asdaaf frankincense
Khadlaj Bakhoor Asdaaf frankincense
Top notes
Bergamot, Rose
Middle notes
Plumeria, Musk
Base notes
Agar Wood, Patchouli
Character of home fragrancecitrus, floral

Khadlaj Bakhoor Asdaaf incense will immerse you completely in its unique scent with a touch of the Orient. It is a fragrant resin from the frankincense tree. It can be used in many ways – as a room fragrance or to clean spaces, objects and people. According to various superstitions, it is even possible to cleanse the soul with the help of incense. Why not scent your home or workspace in this unique way, and relax mind the way it needs?


  • citrus fragrance
  • a floral fragrance

How to use:
Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Never leave incense with burning charcoal unattended. Always use incense specifically for burning. Extinguish with water. To burn incense, you will need an incense burner, tongs, quick-light charcoal and matches or a lighter. You can also use clean, dry sand, but it is needed for burning. If you use sand, pour it into the incense burner as a layer 1 cm thick. Pick up the charcoal with your tongs and light it. Heat it for about 20 seconds until the charcoal stops sparking, then place it in the incense burner. After about 1 minute, you can start to sprinkle the incense on the charcoal. Start with a small amount and gradually increase the amount to your liking.

KhadlajBakhoor Asdaaf frankincense

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