L:A Bruket Body

Wild Rose Body Scrub

L:A Bruket Body Wild Rose Body Scrub
L:A Bruket Body Wild Rose Body Scrub
L:A Bruket Body Wild Rose Body Scrub
350 ml

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Tuesday, 9/25/2018
L:A Bruket Body
350 ml | £33.40

Product description L:A Bruket Body

L:A Bruket Body No. 133 body scrub with wild rose rids the skin of dead cells and refreshes and nourishes it.


  • cleans the surface of the skin thoroughly
  • moisturises the skin and protects it
  • promotes cell renewal
  • accelerates regeneration processes
  • leaves the skin pleasantly soft to the touch


  • rose oil – nourishes and softens the skin
  • sea salt – cleans the skin and removes dead skin cells
  • beet oil – protects the skin
  • macadamia nut oil – keeps the skin moisturised

How to apply:
Apply to wet skin all over your body when showering and massage gently. Then rinse thoroughly.


Skin type
all skin types

About the brand L:A Bruket

The Swedish organic cosmetics brand L:A Bruket offers a broad range of natural products for skin, body and hair care. Its high-quality products are made using carefully selected natural and organic ingredients, inspired by the Swedish way of life.

The brand’s products are made to provide cleansing, nourishing and protective care, helping to maintain the health and beauty of your skin and complexion even in adverse conditions. L:A Bruket also prides itself on the scents of its products, many of which have high aromatherapy effects.

L:A Bruket never stops seeking the best ways of bringing the power of nature into beauty care and ensuring a maximum feeling of well-being.