Lancaster Cleansers & MasksCleansing Facial Water 3 in 1

Lancaster Cleansers & Masks Cleansing Facial Water 3 in 1
Lancaster Cleansers & Masks Cleansing Facial Water 3 in 1
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Product description Lancaster Cleansers & Masks

3v1 Lancaster Express Cleanser perfectly cleans and softens your skin and provides it with necessary balance. It removes make-up and dirt from the surface of your skin, cleans the pores and minimizes their dilation. It removes redundant sebum and thus reduces the excessive gloss of your skin. It contains soothing substances, has anti-inflammatory effects, and prevents the skin from drying up.

Express Cleanser optimally hydrates your skin and makes it soft and smooth. It efficiently nourishes and firms your skin which remains flexible, fresh, bright, and youthful. This cleansing face lotion fulfills its specific task as part of the basic treatment of skin. It contains active substances that correspond to individual needs of your skin. It has an excellent tolerance, adapts to the given type of skin, and always focuses on its problematic part.

Its unique formula includes several functions to help fully clean, treat, and protect your skin. It is suitable for everyday treatment and for all types of skin.

Only a clean skin is healthy, and only a healthy skin is beautiful. Use this luxury face lotion to achieve a pleasant sensation of freshness and a really beautiful, bright skin. Choose quality for the treatment of your skin and you will see the results immediately!


  • perfectly cleans your skin
  • softens your skin and provides its necessary balance
  • removes make-up and dirt from the surface of your skin
  • cleans your pores and minimizes their dilation
  • removes redundant sebum and reduces the gloss of your skin
  • contains soothing substances and has anti-inflammatory effects
  • prevents the skin from drying up
  • hydrates your skin optimally
  • leaves your skin soft and smooth
  • nourishes and firms your skin efficiently
  • makes your skin flexible, fresh, and more youthful
  • lights up your skin
  • fully treats and protects your skin

Type of skin:
Suitable for all types of skin.

In the evening and at night apply an adequate amount on a tampon and clean your face softly in circular movements. Repeat until the tampon is absolutely clean.


Complexion type
all skin types

About the brand Lancaster

Lancaster Cosmetics have been known for over 70 years for their passion for the light and sun. The brand celebrates them as a source of life, the essence of energy and symbols of beauty. Lancaster products guarantee that while you are out in the sun, you will always be safe and you can enjoy it to the max.

The Lancaster brand originated in 1946 in Monaco. Its successful development was due to its beauty products that nourished and moisturised the skin and also provided sufficient protection against UV radiation. Since 1971, the company has mainly focused on sun care, and Lancaster sunscreens, after-sun lotions and self-tan products soon became iconic.

Every day Lancaster skin care products allow you to enjoy the sun to the fullest. Get beautiful, bronzed and glowing skin all year round and risk-free.  

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