Lancaster Skin Therapy Oxygenate Anti-Ageing Oxygen Eye Care

  • Lancaster Skin Therapy Oxygenate Anti-Ageing Oxygen Eye Care

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    Description of the product Lancaster Skin Therapy Oxygenate



    Cosmetic quality



    According to skin problems

    hydration, swelling and dark circles




    All Skin Types


    Get sparkly eyes in no time! Lancaster Skin Therapy ageing oxygen eye care ensures that your eyes will be rested and dazzling with youthful sparks!

    Get some relief for your tired eyes. Blow away those bags under them. Inhale deeply to wake up with beautifully dazzling eyes. Get some fresh, energizing oxygen! With this oxygen cream by Lancaster you improve the metabolism of your cells. Do not deprive your skin of essential elements and rich hydration.

    Fill your skin with a delicacy full of energy to help you fight the process of ageing. Light up your face and remind your cells of their energetic youth. Take care of yourself thanks to the formula developed in the Lancaster laboratories. Support your skin so that it does not fade when it reaches thirty years of age.

    This eye cream by Lancaster distributes oxygen and amazingly speeds up the metabolism of cells. Refresh yourself not only by its unique technology, but also by the aromatherapeutic effects of its citrus fragrance. Find a beneficial balance if you cannot decide between specialized softening and anti-ageing products.
    Stimulate your tired and exhausted skin. The extract from watermelon works like an infusion of a big amount of vitamins and minerals. It makes you skin immediately softer, smoother, restored, and dazzling. What's better there for you to fight the signs of ageing with?
    Enable your skin to breath some fresh and pure air. Provide your skin with an energetic melon drink. A usual cream is not enough; get something unique.

    Wake up the glitter in your faded look instantly!


    • brings life into the skin around your eyes
    • eliminates dark circles under your eyes
    • stretches the skin around your eyes
    • reduces the swellings under your eyes
    • richly hydrates
    • stimulates the production of collagen
    • rejuvenates
    • smoothes
    • makes your skin beautifully soft


    • patented O2 fix system – catches beneficial oxygen and distributes its optimal amount into your cells, stimulates the activity of cells
    • extract from melon – supports the regeneration of skin and deeply hydrates, contains a complex of antioxidants
    • horse chestnut – stretches your skin, works as a stimulating tonic

    Type of skin:

    Suitable for all types of skin. 


    Tap softly into the skin around your eyes after removing your make-up.

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