Lavender Water

Lavender water
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  • Anti-acne

Discover the Miraculous Effects of Lavender Water

The very scent of lavender has positive effects on the human mind. But lavender water can offer even more, and become your multi-purpose product for skin care, hair care and body care!

Lavender Water – and How to Use It

  • You can spray it on your face or body for a nice refreshing and moisturising effect during the day.
  • Spray it on a sunburnt area to soothe your skin.
  • It’s also a wonderful makeup remover. Simply spray a small amount of lavender water on a cotton pad and wipe off any makeup residue.
  • Apply it to your tangled hair to make it easier to brush through.
  • Put a few drops of lavender water on your scalp and enjoy a nice head massage with a lovely aroma.

Lavender Water for Skin

Lavender water will make your tired skin glow, plus it works as a toner and cleanser. It’s also very effective at preventing acne, or soothing and cooling your skin after sunbathing. You can use it as a cold compress for your eyes or sensitive areas of your skin.

Lavender Water for Hair

Lavender is suitable for all hair types, it makes your hair smell amazing, gives it a healthy shine and helps with dandruff. If your hair is dry, brittle and dull, try a hair treatment made from lavender water, banana, castor oil and coconut oil. Rinse the mask out after 90 minutes and shampoo your hair as usual.

Lavender Water for Acne

Lavender water is a perfect choice for acne-prone skin. Use it regularly on cleansed skin without any makeup by soaking a cotton pad in lavender water and applying it without rinsing. Your acne will soon improve and your skin will be in a better overall condition. If you’re suffering from severe acne, we recommend spraying on lavender water throughout the day.

We absolutely adore lavender, which is why we carry hundreds of products from lavender water to lavender oil and lavender fragrances. Just take your pick!