Lierac Démaquillant Vitamin Brightening Toner

  • Lierac Démaquillant Vitamin Brightening Toner

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    • Lierac Démaquillant Vitamin Brightening Toner 200 mlVitamin Brightening Toner 

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    Description of the product Lierac Démaquillant



    Cosmetic quality



    According to skin problems

    brightening and vitality


    For All Ages






    Lierac Tonique Éclat is a brightening tonic which perfectly removes make-up from your face and eyes and, at the same time, makes it shine immediately. It helps restore the ideal balance of moisture in your complexion and it provides immediate comfort and harmony. It tones up and stimulates the natural immunity of your complexion. It perfectly regenerates and refreshes. It provides your complexion with a long-lasting protection and energy. Lierac Tonique Éclat enriches your complexion with a lot of necessary nutrients. It carefully and softly removes your make-up. It revitalizes and immediately lights up your complexion.

    It contains no alcohol.


    • leaves your complexion clean and soft
    • makes your complexion shine and comfortable
    • stimulates your complexion
    • provides your complexion with a rich dosage of vitamins
    • removes make-up and dirt
    • immediately lights your complexion up
    • makes your complexion uniquely smooth


    • poppy, flowers, and orange extracts – these natural extracts help your complexion recharge and reduce the signs of exhaustion, and have detoxicant abilities

    Type of skin:

    Suitable for all types of skin.


    Apply on your dry face using a cotton tampon and remove the make-up in soft motions.

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