Lierac Homme Express Shaving Foam

Lierac Homme Express Shaving Foam
Lierac Homme Express Shaving Foam
150 ml

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Tuesday 20/04/2021
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Tuesday 20/04/2021

Description Lierac Homme


Lierac introduces Lierac Homme Shaving Foam for unrivalled razor glide and optimum skin protection. It provides an immediate and long-lasting sensation of freshness and high comfort. Reduces redness and razor burns. Nourishing ingredients help regenerate and protect the skin. Shaving is precise, smooth and comfortable. Lierac Homme Shaving Foam diminishes biological signs of irritation, the skin is instantly soothed. The product makes shaving easier and strengthens, hydrates and regenerates your skin.


• prevents redness

• allows a comfortable shave

• significantly reduces burning, itching and stinging sensations

• hydrates

• soothes


• Mint extract

• Complex formulated with Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc and Manganese – nourishing properties, play a major role in maintaining the skin's ideal balance

• Glycerin – provides protection, it enables the skin to maintain essential moisture thanks to a natural film it leaves on the surface

Skin type:

Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive.

How to use:

Apply a necessary amount of the product to clean, wet skin and shave your face.


Complexion type

About the brand Lierac

Lierac – the charming pioneer in face and body care. Lierac Paris is a French cosmetic brand, recognised as the market leader in anti-ageing. Lierac Laboratories, founded in 1975, quickly gained a great reputation for their high level of expertise in issues concerning ageing and skin defects, as well as the unique effect and French charm of their products.
Lierac is the first dermo-cosmetics brand specialising in correcting the visible defects of ageing and aesthetic problems on the face and skin. The brand combines the best in active plant ingredients with high scientific standards, creating products reflecting the values of the brand. These are innovation, performance, safety, femininity, and understanding.
Lierac is constantly coming up with pioneering products. In 1975, for example, it brought out the first product for stretch marks, in 2009, Lierac introduced the first product for remodelling the body with the ability to reprogramme stem cells, and in 2011 it enriched the world of cosmetics for young people with the first product providing holistic anti-ageing care thanks to the comprehensive targeting of the epidermis.
These are just a few examples of the innovative solutions by Lierac, whose product range also includes firming creams and sprays, moisturising lotions and other body care products, products for stretch marks and cellulite, and unique shower gels. In addition to their amazing effectiveness, every product also brings pleasure to the senses when applied.
Lierac cosmetics embody the ideal of French sensuality and guide you every day in the effort to look and remain beautiful.

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