Lierac Homme Express Shaving Foam

  • Lierac Homme Express Shaving Foam

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    Description of the product Lierac Homme



    Cosmetic quality



    According to skin problems

    sensitive and allergic skin






    Lierac introduces Lierac Homme Shaving Foam for unrivalled razor glide and optimum skin protection. It provides an immediate and long-lasting sensation of freshness and high comfort. Reduces redness and razor burns. Nourishing ingredients help regenerate and protect the skin. Shaving is precise, smooth and comfortable. Lierac Homme Shaving Foam diminishes biological signs of irritation, the skin is instantly soothed. The product makes shaving easier and strengthens, hydrates and regenerates your skin.


    • prevents redness

    • allows a comfortable shave

    • significantly reduces burning, itching and stinging sensations

    • hydrates

    • soothes


    • Mint extract

    • Complex formulated with Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc and Manganese – nourishing properties, play a major role in maintaining the skin's ideal balance

    • Glycerin – provides protection, it enables the skin to maintain essential moisture thanks to a natural film it leaves on the surface

    Skin type:

    Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive.

    How to use:

    Apply a necessary amount of the product to clean, wet skin and shave your face.

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