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Loewe Earth gift set unisex
Loewe Earth gift set unisex
Fragrance categoryfloral
Type of setGift Set

Nothing will delight a fragrance lover like a miniature of their favourite perfume that they can take everywhere with them. This is why Loewe Earth unisex fragrance gift set will be fantastic for you or your loved ones. Keep the full-size version of the perfume on your vanity and take the miniature with you anywhere you go.


  • option of combining products to amplify their individual effects
  • fragrance miniature is ideal to keep in your handbag
  • unique fragrance for special occasions
  • for both women and men

The set contains:

LoeweEarth gift set unisex


1 available | £159.10 / 1 pcs , incl. VAT | Code: LOW01109

Earth eau de parfum 100 ml + Earth eau de parfum 10 ml + Solo Ella eau de parfum 10 ml

Wednesday 24/07/2024
In-store collection
Wednesday 24/07/2024