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LUMEN Vivalu Argan massage candle for the face
LUMEN Vivalu Argan massage candle for the face
LUMEN Vivalu Argan massage candle for the face
LUMEN Vivalu Argan massage candle for the face
Skin typeall skin types
Character of home fragrancewoody
Active ingredientsshea butter, argan oil
Type of Wickcotton
Type of Waxother

Treat yourself to a nice relaxing moment while taking care of your skin. The LUMEN Vivalu Argan candle creates a lovely atmosphere and its wax transforms into an emulsion you can use to massage your face and body.

The argan oil is rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, it leaves your skin smooth and silky, provides fantastic moisturising and soothing effects, and protects from harmful external factors. It also tones your skin and reduces signs of ageing. Argan oil is especially great for areas with dry and cracked skin, or on stretch marks.


  • for face and body massage
  • moisturises dry and cracked skin
  • helps tone your skin and reduce signs of ageing
  • soothes irritated skin, helps reduce acne
  • doesn’t make your skin oily, keeps it smooth and silky
  • protects from the impact of smog, wind and sunshine
  • suitable for areas with stretch marks
  • positively affects your nails and the skin of your hands
  • dermatologically tested product


  • argan oil
  • shea butter
  • cotton wick

How to use:
Light the wick and let the candle burn for about 10 minutes. Wait at least until the entire surface of the emulsion melts.

If you snuff the candle sooner, it will continue to melt only around the wick and eventually burn out without the rest of the emulsion ever melting. In that case, you can level it by quickly warming it up in a microwave or in hot water. Reheating the candle doesn’t impact its quality.

After blowing out the candle, pour the melted emulsion in your palms and perform a relaxing massage. The candle has enough emulsion for 20 facial massages or 2 to 3 full-body massages.

Notino tip:
The paper packaging of the candle also works as a tray for dripping wax. The handy jug-shaped porcelain container conducts away excess heat and makes it easier to pour the emulsion. You can use the empty container for other household purposes.

LUMENVivalu Argan massage candle for the face

100 ml

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