Makeup Revolution AccessoriesBrush-Cleaning Silicone Glove

Makeup Revolution Accessories Brush-Cleaning Silicone Glove
Makeup Revolution Accessories Brush-Cleaning Silicone Glove
Brush-Cleaning Silicone Glove

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Makeup Revolution Accessories Brush-Cleaning Silicone Glove
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Product description Makeup Revolution Accessories

Makeup Revolution Accessories keeps your makeup brush clean and extends its life.


  • cleans brushes thoroughly
  • extends the life of brushes
  • removes makeup residue from brushes
  • keeps brushes in excellent condition

How to use:
Rub the brush under warm running water, then wash with soap. Then dry the brush gently and leave to fully dry slowly (ideally overnight).

About the brand Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution cosmetics are a true revolution in makeup. The London brand has a broad portfolio of high-quality yet affordable products that will take your breath away.

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What is also important is the brand’s original and playful yet practical product design, which you’re sure to love. Give your makeup true originality and style with Makeup Revolution London!

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