Makeup Revolution Silicone EyeSilicone Brush Set for Eye Area

Makeup Revolution Silicone Eye Silicone Brush Set for Eye Area
Makeup Revolution Silicone Eye Silicone Brush Set for Eye Area
3 pc

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This set contains: Pearl Silicone Eye + Flat Silicone Eye + Silicone Eyeliner

Product description Makeup Revolution Silicone Eye

The Makeup Revolution Silicone Eye eye brush is an indispensable accessory for applying eye makeup.


  • lets you apply eyeshadow quickly
  • fits in your hand perfectly
  • helps improve your makeup

How to use:
Use the brush to apply eyeshadow to the eyelids. Use gentle strokes.

About the brand Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution cosmetics are a true revolution in makeup. The London brand has a broad portfolio of high-quality yet affordable products that will take your breath away.

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What is also important is the brand’s original and playful yet practical product design, which you’re sure to love. Give your makeup true originality and style with Makeup Revolution London!

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