Glitter for Nails and Shimmery Nail Varnish

Glitter for Nails and Shimmery Nail Varnish
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  • Gabriella Salvete

How to Do Shimmery Nails?

Getting ready for a summer party, New Years Eve party, a hen do or some other occasion where you simply want to shine? Then try a shimmery nail varnish or even nail shimmer and glitter and enjoy the immediate stunning effect. So what can you use to make your nails sparkly?

Nail Glitter

A pot of shimmery powder or nail glitter can be used to decorate your entire nails, or even just a specific portion of them. It’s quite easy – here are a few simple ways to try:

  • Pour the glitter into transparent nail varnish, stir and then simply paint your nails as usual. You can even mix several different shades of shimmer and create your own unique colour combination.
  • Another option is to paint your nails first and then dip them in a pot of glitter while the varnish is still wet. This will result in a really striking shimmery effect.
  • You can also start by painting your nails, letting the varnish dry completely, and then applying a shimmery nail varnish on a selected area of your nails (or to the tips like in French manicure). For an especially sophisticated look, you can use shimmer on only one finger – ideally your ring finger.
  • It’s also possible to simply pour shimmer over freshly painted nails. In this case you can use a cuticle pusher or another flat tool as a little spatula to pick up your shimmer or glitter and apply it to the nails.

Shimmery Nail Varnish

  • It definitely spares some effort on your part. The shimmer effect comes with the nail varnish itself, giving you a much neater and cleaner application.
  • While you won’t be able to create your unique mix of shades as you do with loose shimmer, you can choose from a wide selection of colours from bright red to rainbow with fine shimmer or even a metallic finish.
  • You can apply your shimmery nail varnish directly to a clean nail, or as a top coat.

Our tip: Use a shimmer nail varnish or loose shimmer to create an ombré effect. Try applying one colour that gets gradually darker towards the tips, or pairing two different colours for a stunning result.

There are many ways you can use shimmer on your nails – it all depends on your taste. Give a final touch to your sparkly outfit or make your nails stand out with simple clothing. In any case, removing glitter nail varnish takes a bit more time, so don’t forget to buy a good nail varnish remover. Glitter gel nails are the perfect way to cheer yourself up – so what are you waiting for?

Final tip: Do you love glitter in general, not just on fingernails? Then try some fun face glitter or a shimmery lipstick!