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Electric Nail File – How to Pick the Right One?

Your manicure can be simpler, quicker and more professional – all thanks to an electric nail file. Whether you only use it on yourself or you want your friends to also be able to get their nails done in a professional and comfortable way, an electric nail drill will make the entire process even more flawless. All you need to do is choose a device that best suits your needs.

What Is an Electric Nail File?

It’s a small, mains-powered or battery operated device which can do everything your regular nail file does – only much faster and more effectively. It will become your essential tool, whether your nails are natural, artificial, gel or acrylic.

Gives your nails shape, removes residual gel varnish (which is why it’s also described as a file for gel nails), but can also handle your cuticles or calluses and give your nails more shine. However, before you purchase one, make sure to read up on the differences between individual nail files.

Electric Nail File for Home Use or for Salons

An electric nail file for home use doesn’t have to meet the highest standards for salon-quality nail files. For instance – your nail file doesn’t need to be suitable for many hours of use, you can do with fewer revolutions per minute (under 30,000) and you probably don’t need a device that can vacuum the dust from filing. These features might be appreciated by some, but they’re definitely not necessary.

Power Supply and Output of Your Electric Nail File

If you only plan to use your device at home, you can get a mains-powered electric nail file, which also happens to be the most common type. That said, if you don’t want to deal with cables or you plan to do your nails wherever you feel like it, try a rechargeable or battery-operated one. And don’t forget that these devices have a lower output and take a lot of battery power – so pack some spares.

You can regulate revolutions per minute (rpm) as you go. Natural nails only require lower settings, while acrylic need the most power. The average maximum power for electric nail files is about 20,000 rpm, so you can change the power from 3,000 to 20,000.

File Attachments for Electric Nail File One of the most important steps before selecting an electric nail file is deciding what you want to do with it – and picking the right file attachments according to those criteria. The files are designed to be attached to the body of the main nail drill. Different electric nail drills come with different numbers of attachments which can further differ in shape, material and granularity:

  • Shape: You might see many different shapes including cones, cylinders, attachments with a ball (for removing dead cuticles), “flame” attachments, etc. – all in various sizes for a quick, safe and effective manicure or pedicure.
  • Granularity: In general, finer files are ideal for natural nails, sensitive areas and cuticles, while rougher ones are suitable for acrylic nails, the removal of old varnish layers, or even calluses on your feet. The attachments are usually marked with a colour strip to indicate their granularity.
  • Material: The hardest files made of diamond or sapphire are ideal for natural nails – however, the most popular choice for nail technicians is carbide. Textile and silicone attachments can be used to polish your nails. You might also see titanium, ceramic or paper attachments.

What Else Can an Electric Nail Drill Do? Once you have an idea of what your ideal electric nail drill should look like, you can start thinking about other criteria, from material and weight to ergonomic shapes. You might also consider a LED light that will help you see your work clearly. Other useful features include an option to change the direction of spinning, a transport pouch, or a selection of accessories such as nail clippers, cleaning brushes  and toe separators.

If you really want salon-level experience with absolutely professional results, you’ll definitely need to get an electric nail file for your manicure set-up. Make the right choice according to your requirements and enjoy the feeling of impeccable manicure every single day!

Final tip: Get other manicure tools such as a gel nail lamp or a handy nail kit.