Marbert PuraClean SOS

Roll-on to Treat Skin Imperfections

Marbert PuraClean SOS Roll-on to Treat Skin Imperfections
Marbert PuraClean SOS Roll-on to Treat Skin Imperfections
15 ml

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Marbert PuraClean SOS
15 ml | £8.91

Product description Marbert PuraClean SOS

Marbert PuraClean SOS is a product that will become your secret weapon in the fight against acne and problem skin.


  • gets rid of blackheads
  • visibly improves the condition of skin
  • relieves skin redness

How to use:
Apply an appropriate amount to problem areas and leave to act.


for all ages
Complexion type
Anti-acne, Calming

About the brand Marbert

In 1936, beautician Margarethe Sendler and Dr. Bertha Roeber, MD, cofounded one of the irst German cosmetics companies in Düsseldorf. The company‘s name is derived from the irst three letters of each of their names.

Marbert is born. With its groundbreaking commitment, Marbert becomes one of the most well-known brands in postwar Germany in the 1950s and becomes the market leader in the cosmetics industry. The highest standards of quality and groundbreaking patents are inextricably linked with the history of the Marbert brand. One Marbert patent is unique among them all: Profutura. This line of anti-aging products developed in 1990 was a product unparalleled at the time and that would rewrite cosmetics history. It continues to be our best-selling facial care product to this very day.

The Marbert brand stands for tradition, quality, approachability and trust. As one of the leading cosmetics brands in Europe, Marbert consistently manufactures all its products in Germany.Marbert products are proven to work and provide excellent value. Technical know-how, decades of experience and a unique knowledge of the speciic characteristics of the skin are the main focus – beauty is always front and center.

Marbert continues to develop innovative skin care solutions that are not only dermatologically tested and well tolerated,
but also precisely tailored to meet the needs of speciic skin types. This is how Marbert makes people of every
generation even more beautiful. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.