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What mascaras you can find here

Bring out your eyes! A black mascara is a staple of every vanity and every makeup bag. It curls and lengthens your lashes, gives them more volume and brings out your eyes as well as your entire makeup look.

While shopping for a new mascara, keep in mind what you want from it – length, volume, curl or a strengthening effect? Find the best mascara at!

Mascaras Based on Their Effect

  • Lengthening mascara provides a stunning length even to short and imperceptible lashes.
  • Curling mascara gives your lashes shape and brings out your eyes even more.
  • Volumising mascara ensures volume and perfect thickness.

Top Mascaras for Specific Needs

  • Finding the best waterproof mascara is essential not just when you’re travelling or heading to the beach. You’ll love it in the summer as well as during rain, or when you’re sweating during sporting activities.
  • Nourishing mascara resembles a standard kind of mascara, but its formula features ingredients such as castor oil to nourish and strengthen your lashes.
  • Hypoallergenic mascara is a great solution for sensitive eyes. Its application won’t irritate your eyes and it’s suitable even for contact lens wearers.
  • False-lash effect mascara will give your eyes a little more drama by providing maximum curl and length.
  • Natural mascara is made from natural ingredients and environmentally friendly. It contains natural waxes, oils and butters to strengthen your lashes and promote their growth.

Dare to Stand out! Try a Colourful Mascara

Colourful mascara will liven up any makeup look. Try for instance a subtle brown mascara, or give your makeup more impact with a blue or green mascara.

  • Brown mascara looks great with blue eyes, blonde hair and light skin, because it’s less prominent than a standard black one.
  • Blue mascara perfectly suits brown eyes.
  • Purple mascara will bring out green eyes – just like purple eyeshadow.

Our tip: Before applying your mascara, use a lash primer to make it last longer. A lash primer is a bit like a colourless mascara which helps you achieve the best possible results.

Don’t forget that even the best mascara won’t last forever. Be mindful of the recommended best-before date on the packaging and replace your mascara every 3 to 4 months after you open it.

Take your pick from our selection of quality mascaras by L'Oréal Paris, Clinique, Lancôme or Max Factor at and find the best mascara to bring out your eyes!