MEDIBLANC 5690 Ultra Soft Toothbrush Ultra Soft

MEDIBLANC 5690 Ultra Soft Toothbrush Ultra Soft
MEDIBLANC 5690 Ultra Soft Toothbrush Ultra Soft

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Thursday 29/07/2021
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Description MEDIBLANC 5690 Ultra Soft

MEDIBLANC ULTRA SOFT toothbrush meets all the key criteria for tooth hygiene recommended by dentists. Its 5690 bristles are cut straight for maximum brushing effectivity and their number far exceeds the generally recommended minimum bristle density for toothbrushes.

You can rest easy knowing that you’ve chosen a quality product even your dentist would recommend. If you’re not sure what softness to pick, you can never go wrong with ultra soft. Just like the super soft or soft version, it will take perfect care of your teeth.


  • professional toothbrush for perfectly clean teeth
  • effectively removes plaque even without pressure
  • straight-cut bristles for effective brushing
  • made of highly durable and safe polymer (PBT)
  • extra tightly packed bristles with 0.1mm in diameter
  • 5690 bristles – several times more than in standard toothbrushes
  • higher density even compared to top-quality toothbrushes
  • brush head has an ideal angle, handle encourages correct use of the brush
  • in several gorgeous, trendy colours

Why choose ULTRA SOFT option:

  • the softest of MEDIBLANC toothbrush options
  • the most popular choice of customers
  • extremely effective cleaning properties
  • perfectly removes dental plaque while being as gentle as possible

How to use:
Place the toothbrush on your teeth at a 45° angle so that the head covers both your gum and the tooth, then brush in small vibration-like circles to loosen the plaque. Proceed until you’ve brushed all of your teeth.


Bristle hardness
ultra soft

About the brand MEDIBLANC

MEDIBLANC | The unique MEDIBLANC dental hygiene products combine revolutionary technology with exceptional results. Only MEDIBLANC contains all the known natural active ingredients as well as systems of cleansing and protection to create a singular, effective line of products.
MEDIBLANC offers solutions for teeth whitening, sensitive teeth, and bleeding gums (periodontitis). Thanks to the unique combination of ingredients and a special 3-step system, MEDIBLANC always treats the problem rather than the symptoms.
MEDIBLANC products are especially gentle and suitable for long-term use, because they don't contain any irritants or otherwise harmful ingredients.

The MEDIBLANC products do not contain:

  • peroxides
  • fluorides
  • irritant preservatives
  • synthetic sweeteners
  • parabens
  • free of SLS/SLES

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