MEDIBLANC Sensi-ReliefToothpaste For Sensitive Teeth

MEDIBLANC Sensi-Relief Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth
MEDIBLANC Sensi-Relief Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth
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Product description MEDIBLANC Sensi-Relief

Sensitive teeth can give you a lot of trouble during normal daily activities – especially every time you eat or drink. The new MEDIBLANC Sensi-Relief toothpaste significantly reduces teeth sensitivity, thus reducing the negative reaction of your oral cavity to hot, cold, or sour sensations.

The MEDIBLANC innovated formula offers professional care:
The new and improved formula of the MEDIBLANC Healthy Gums toothpaste reduces the amount of foam, is not too abrasive, and has a high hydroxyapatite content. This ingredient provides biologically active ions of calcium and phosphates, thus significantly affecting the condition, appearance, and resilience of your teeth. Give your teeth top-quality professional care every day.


  • FOR ALL TYPES OF TOOTHBRUSHES (standard manual one, electric, and sonic) and all ages (except for children under 6 years of age)
    → with long-term correct care, the remineralisation of your teeth improves and the healthy structure of the entire tooth including deeper layers is restored. Gradually and with a lasting effect, the teeth become less sensitive, for instance to cold, heat, or to sour foods.
    → the naturally occurring micro-cracks and scratches in your tooth enamel get filled faster, the surface of your teeth is smoother and more resistant
  • → the unique ability of the hydroxyapatite ions to bind to the proteins of the plaque bacteria facilitates the detachment of plaque from tooth enamel, thus effectively reducing the amount of plaque
    → thanks to hydroxyapatite, it significantly increases the amount of bioactive ions of calcium and phosphates in the saliva, thus speeding up the process of natural teeth remineralisation. This not only renews the surface of the tooth, but also fills deep cracks that reach the dentine.
    → as you keep using the toothpaste, your tooth enamel gradually regains its original colour, your teeth become shiny, smooth, and naturally free of stains and any yellowish tint


  • hydroxyapatite – 100% natural mineral, positively affects the appearance and resilience of teeth
  • chlorhexidine digluconate – fights plaque bacteria
  • allantoin – ensures faster gum regeneration
  • menthol and mint oil – ensure lasting fresh breath
  • sodium PCA – for better gum hydration
  • without added peroxide, fluoride, and coarse abrasives

Why hydroxyapatite?
Hydroxyapatite is a 100% natural mineral which naturally makes up for 97% of tooth enamel and up to 70% of dentine. It’s been clinically proven that adding hydroxyapatite to toothpaste can significantly affect the condition, appearance, and resilience of the teeth by providing biologically active ions of calcium and phosphates.

The MEDIBLANC toothpaste achieves a natural teeth-whitening effect thanks to hydroxyapatite ions – not through chemical bleaches such as peroxide, or through “sanding” the teeth down with coarse abrasives.

Tooth and oral cavity care ritual:
Apply a small amount of the toothpaste to the toothbrush and brush your teeth thoroughly for 2 to 3 minutes at least twice a day. Afterwards, rinse your mouth with clean water to remove toothpaste residue and the loose plaque.

We recommend using the MEDIBLANC toothpaste for a longer period of time – only then you’ll really see its effects on the appearance and condition of your teeth and gums

Notino tip:
Always choose the right type of toothpaste for your teeth. For maximum effect, your tooth care ritual should also include a suitable mouthwash or mouth spray for fresh breath.

About the brand MEDIBLANC

MEDIBLANC | The unique MEDIBLANC dental hygiene products combine revolutionary technology with exceptional results. Only MEDIBLANC contains all the known natural active ingredients as well as systems of cleansing and protection to create a singular, effective line of products.
MEDIBLANC offers solutions for teeth whitening, sensitive teeth, and bleeding gums (periodontitis). Thanks to the unique combination of ingredients and a special 3-step system, MEDIBLANC always treats the problem rather than the symptoms.
MEDIBLANC products are especially gentle and suitable for long-term use, because they don't contain any irritants or otherwise harmful ingredients.

The MEDIBLANC products do not contain:

  • peroxides
  • fluorides
  • irritant preservatives
  • synthetic sweeteners
  • parabens
  • free of SLS/SLES

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