Alum Bar for Shaving

There is no other natural cosmetic product with as many uses as an alum block. It can replace your deodorant, after-shave lotion and even your insect-bite ointment. Alum is a mineral created by oxidisation of natural aluminium sulphate. It’s odourless, doesn’t take up much space and a single piece will easily last you a whole year.

Always rinse the alum before use to make its surface dissolve a little – otherwise it’s not going to work. You should also rinse it and let it dry after every use.

Alum Block for Shaving

Even if you’re very confident with the razor, little accidents still happen – and a good alum block is here to save the day. Hold it against wet skin and watch how quickly the cut closes. You might feel a little stinging sensation as the alum cleans the wound, but it soon disappears.

Alum Bar against Sweat

Even though alum has no scent, it can replace your deodorant and won’t leave any marks on your clothing. Alum binds water particles to neutralise the odour of perspiration while reducing the production of sweat at the same time.

Alum for Insect Bites and Burns

An alum block will also come in handy in many other situations – for instance when you’re dealing with a mosquito bite. The mineral will clean the wound and reduce pain and swelling. You can also use it to cool down any burnt skin including sunburns.

Alum has fantastic astringent effects, which makes it an ideal product for many skin problems. It reduces dark under-eye circles and softens skin with the wrong pH.